Enterprise Class Wireless Solutions

Wireless Standards and WLAN Architectures are rapidly evolving and penetrating the networks of different Enterprises today. Today we have 802.11g, 802.11n as well as WIMAX based wireless Enterprise Access Points available in the market today.

At PP Ontime we offer a wide range of Enterprise Class Wireless solutions. With PP Ontime?s Enterprise Class Wireless solutions businesses now have the power, control and flexibility over how they deliver information to their employees on the go and on the move. Today PP Ontime is able to offer intelligent Access Points from Cisco which are more intelligent, are able to authenticate users, are able to handle more traffic and are able to communicate back to the wired corporate network in a secure manner. PP Ontime also offers intelligent WLAN Switches which are centrally managed intelligent switches which help to manage functions such as Security, Mobility and QoS more intelligently.

Conceptual Diagram :
Unique Selling Points of our Enterprise Class Wireless Solution are as follows:
  • Provides seamless integration between wired network and wireless network of the enterprise in a secure manner.
  • Provides mobility to the workforce of the enterprise. With PP Ontime?s Enterprise Class Wireless solutions employees of any enterprise can send critical data or information, reports, e-mails, files or alerts from anywhere they are while they are either traveling or are on the move continuously. Whether they are non-mobile or stationary, partially mobile or highly mobile PP Ontime?s Enterprise Class Wireless Solution will take complete care of their mobile computing needs and requirements.
  • Provide?s high data transfer rates comparable or higher to standard LAN data transfer rates.
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